Orchids Hothouse

Orchid’s Insight on Fashion from the Fierce and Fearless

Let’s talk about drag. It’s something I firmly believe everyone should try at least once. Once all the regalia is donned, new personality traits emerge and you start to see aspects about yourself that were previously unrealized. Seeing yourself in a new light is an incredibly powerful and illuminating experience because it opens the door for a world of new possibility. Here, in Orchid’s Hothouse, I have the opportunity to introduce to you the ways in which the fabulous drag performers I’ve met along the way have taken those new traits and formed their characters and personal styles.

Since my name is in the title, I guess there’s no one better to start with than me. My love of fashion has been a life long obsession. From MTV’s House of Style to hanging out in bookstore magazine sections hungrily flipping through every editorial I could find, I have always been in love with models. Aspirational beauty to the fullest. A fantasy. An escape. It is very clear to me how this love has informed my path in life. I started out in the industry doing a little modeling but my sense of style really came into its own while I was working in visual merchandising. Having to display clothes and constantly dress mannequins quickly teaches you how to put looks together and what works. After doing that for a few years I seized the opportunity to start working for a fashion show producer and that was truly a dream come true.

My work styling runways has a direct correlation to how I dress Orchid. If there is one word I would use to describe my personal style it would have to be Edited. There is a philosophy in drag that ‘more is more,’ and while that most definitely can be true, it doesn’t suit me to pile on tons of jewelry and shine just for the sake of jewelry and shine. I want to feel chic, clean, and purposeful. I want to go out on the stage looking like the fashion editorials I fell in love with as a child. I want Orchid to help me live out my glamazon supermodel fantasy. I want her to remind me every time I put her on, that anything is possible. And she does. Every time.

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