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One Woman Rising

Meet One Woman Rising, She has been dancing in Freedom Park since 2014 when she was donated to the City of Atlanta in recognition of One Billion Rising, the worldwide campaign started by Eve Ensler. The initiative seeks to end violence against women and girls based on the UN Statistic that one out of three women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime.

When Eve Ensler, the Tony award-winning playwright of The Vagina Monologues, made a declaration to have One Billion Women and the men who loved them strike, dance and rise. On Feb. 14, 2013, Atlanta heard the call!  Seven thousand of us gathered in Woodruff Park to join women in 207 countries around the world in a choreographed dance to Tena Clarks song, Break the Chain. You could feel the earth move that day!

The following year, One Billion Rising Atlanta commissioned The Chelko Foundation to create One Woman Rising as a symbol of the movement and dedicated it to the city of Atlanta. One Woman Rising is a reminder that as women, we must continue to rise for ourselves and for the women around us.  She stands to tell us that we cannot be silent and that we must use our voices to speak about our past and our present, and then we must rise.  She holds space for all those who are in her presence to dance, laugh, gather, create, organize, love, reflect, reclaim, and rise

Sculpted by Phil Proctor, her original body was painted by Stephanie Anderson, Titus Davis, Scott Fray and Madeline Grecco with vibrant colors and tribal patterns weaving in all the cultures of women .  As women rise, they shed layers and evolve into new versions of themselves. One Woman Rising is a sculpture that changes and grows as we do that’s why today she is painted black with a red heart on her chest.  Black Lives Matter!

Our goal is to repaint her every two years using local artists and for the community to collaborate on her design.   We also want to keep her structure strong so she can continue to rise throughout the years.  In order to do this, we will be asking for donations each year to make sure she stands as a symbol of women rising in Atlanta and around the world.

If you want to be a part of the One Woman Rising Community please like us on Facebook at One Billion Rising Atlanta.  To learn more about her and OBR Atlanta go to

Come by sometime and meet her.  She’s always hanging out at Freedom Park between Moreland and Euclid.  Until women are free no one is free.

Allison Wonders 

Speaker Coach


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