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Masked Woman – Meet the Designer of a Must-Have Accessory of the Moment

Megan Eddings is the founder and CEO of Accel Lifestyle. While Eddings’ revolutionary Prema® antibacterial fabric was originally created to fight odor in fitness apparel, it first and foremost fights bacteria. With her background in chemistry, she invented Prema® and it is now patent pending in 120 countries. From fitness apparel to a PPE provider, Eddings is proud to make every day a healthy day, promoting wellness, confidence, and kindness. Eddings is now the CEO of 3 separate companies: Accel Lifestyle, Blended Huemanity and Accel Unite.

Since March, Eddings and her team have shipped over antibacterial 400,000 face masks.

Megan was chosen as one of Inc. Magazine’s top Founders: chosen as Top 3 Startups in the country and one of 40 Founders chosen for Inc. Magazine’s Founders Project. Accel Lifestyle is currently on contract with the US Military and Eddings even has a day (May 24th) named after her in Houston TX, for her philanthropy work.

She believes in thinking Big….and then thinker Bigger. On a mission to bring joy wherever she goes, Eddings strives to help everyone feel more confident. We only get one life, just go for it!

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