Bettina Benson

Owner, Chloe Kristyn

Bettina Benson is a wife, mother, sales professional, and the creator of the Chloe Kristyn brand. She is the definition of the every woman. Realizing that Womanhood and Motherhood looks different for everyone, Bettina is determined to follow her heart and do it her way, with a desire to become the best version of herself, while inspiring other women to do the same, unapologetically.

At just 6 years old, Bettina began creating garments out of old scrap fabric. At 10 years old, her aunt taught her to sew. While in college, Bettina launched her first online fashion company. She built a boutique on the Ebay platform, and would scour consignment shops for gently used or new designer items. Bettina listed those pieces in her boutique and, soon, began ordering wholesale fashion from LA. Her boutique was so successful that she was able to create her own platform, where she ran her shop for 3 years.

Being the every woman that she is, Bettina graduated from college, pursued a career in sales, married the love of her life, and moved to a new city. Her life was progressing nicely, but there was still a passion for creativity and fashion, planted in her heart. In 2013, after learning that she would soon be the mother of a baby girl, the seeds of design and entrepreneurship began to come into full bloom. A series of events led her to formulate the business model for a lifestyle brand created to serve women and the girls they inspire.

Bettina built the Chloe Kristyn brand for women who are just like her. She creates designs that tell a story that meet women at every phase in their lives. Her pieces are classic yet bold, can be worn while mastering every role women play.

Recently Bettina was named a Tastemaker of the South by Southern Living Magazine.

Chloe Kristyn is carried in speciality retailers throughout the Southeast and offered on the brand website and through Chloe Kristyn’s team of 20 Brand Stylists, who are located throughout the United States.

When she is not serving other women, she enjoys the comfort and simplicity of being wife to Michael, and mother to her daughter Chloe, the brand’s namesake.